Set up an Out of Office Auto Reply

It can be a great feeling when you finally go to set your out-of-office reply to set off on annual leave, so here's some simple instructions to do just that.


  1. Go to your Electric IT Client Area and login using the details you set up when you first signed up

  2.  Click on Services and then choose the service you need to set an out of office for

  3. Click Login to cPanel on the left hand side

  4.  Search for and click on 'Auto Responders' 

  5. Click 'Add Autoresponder'

  6. Fill out the form, here's a quick example of something you could fill in:


Interval: 2 hours  


This means that if a single person e-mails you more than once within 2 hours, they won't receive more than one auto reply.  If they e-mail after 2 hours, they'll get an auto reply and the timer starts again .


E-mail: support


This should be the beginning of your e-mail address that you want the autoresponse to be set up on - you select the domain name from the drop down so no need to put in this box


Domain: Select your domain


From: [email protected]


This is the e-mail address that the autoresponse will be sent from - This doesn't need to be an address that exists - you can make it anything you want but best to use your domain name.


Subject: Auto-reply:  %subject%


This is the subject of the auto-response.  You can use the code %subject% to mimic the original subject of the e-mail.  If the original subject was 'New website enquiry' in the above example the sender would get an autoresponse that said 'Auto-reply: New website enquiry'


Body: I'm currently out of the office, but I will be returning on 1st January


This is the actual content of the autoresponse e-mail.


It's as easy as that!  If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to open a ticket through the your client area or e-mail [email protected]


Electric IT Team


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