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Change DNS records through an easy-to-use Control Panel

Our simple cPanel interface allows you to make any DNS changes for your domain at the click of a button. You can add DNS records, transfer an existing domain name, and buy new domain names all in our simple platform.

monitoring 24/7/365

Instant Registration

Protect your brand-name easily by purchasing all required relevant domain names within seconds and all in one place. Need to add a new domain name for a new project? This can all be done from within our management portal - you can even add a Hosting Package there and then to get a website set up instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

What is a domain name?
  • A domain name is a string of letters and/or numbers which identifies your website or e-mail address. It's what tells the internet where your website is hosted, and where to send any e-mails.

What is a TLD?
  • TLD stands for Top-Level Domain and is what's used to descript the end section of a domain name. Some times, it denotes geographical location such as '.co.uk' or '.london' and other times it can denote the type of website like '.com' for a company or '.shop' for an e-commerce website.

How often do I have to pay for a domain name?
  • Domain names are rented from the relevant domain authority on a yearly basis - most domains you can renew for up to 10 years at a time. Otherwise, we'll send you an e-mail each year when your domain is up for renewal to make sure you keep hold of it and it's not snapped up by a competitor!

Which domain should I buy?
  • Ideally, you should find a domain name that is short, memorable, and describes what your website is about. Usually, it will be your company name, like Electricit.uk, however this isn't always possible. We recommend checking for availability of your domain name before settling on a company name so you don't end up having to put hyphens in your domain name and it becomes too long.