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At Electric IT, we give growing businesses access to enterprise-grade IT solutions and IT support that is custom-designed to skyrocket their results in record time!

IT support

Technology should power your goals, we make IT happen!

Every business (no matter the size) deserves an IT environment that makes it easier to meet its goals and targets. Your business does too. However, such results can't be achieved with generic, out-the-box IT solutions and strategies...

To get that quality of impact on your growing business, you'd need access to top-notch engineers that can take a look at your IT, needs, and goals and custom-create an actionable roadmap to meet your targets.

That's the quality of IT support and services we bring to the table, for growing businesses in Southampton, Fareham, Whiteley, and Winchester. We use our rich experience in providing IT support to Southampton, Fareham, Whiteley, Winchester, and the surrounding areas, to provide unique, result-producing IT solutions for your small to medium-sized enterprise.

We're after creating long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships rather than charging high prices to make a quick buck. With regular face-to-face meetings with any stakeholders in your business, you review our own performance and see what we can do better.


Customer retention

Because we actively raise the bar of excellence and responsiveness monthly, our clients stick with us.


Call resolution

We only have top-level engineers on our team, so once they pick up your call, they fix the problem.

Managed IT services

Interesting facts about us

Only senior engineers

Since 2019, we've maintained a team of top-tier IT experts who are on-hand to tackle any problem, big or small.

Huge efficiency increase

Work is faster when everything works. We optimise your processes; saving you time and money.

Lifelong partners

We're after a life-long partnership.  All of our actions are beneficial for you now and in the long run.  If you succeed, we succeed.

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Highly Recommended

We very much enjoy working with Electric IT. They are quick and efficient which is what you need from an IT company. We use them for a number of different things and their knowledge is good and they are very helpful.

Carolyn Spinks

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