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We make it easier for you to do your best work.  When you and your staff are able to work efficiently, your business will thrive.

By consistently aligning your technology to your goals and needs, our dedicated team can help to make sure your IT enables your business to thrive.

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IT Optimization - IT Outsourcing
IT Optimization - IT Outsourcing - Technology alignment process

Technology Alignment Process

To make sure that your company has a fit-to-size IT environment, that enables it work like a well-oiled machine, we take the time to assess your needs in relation to your IT assets.

Changing software (and hardware) might sting operationally for a day or two, but that one day of training can deliver huge efficiency gains.

  • One-time or ongoing technology alignments, avoid being shoe-horned into packages you do not need.
  • Projects can take a while, however will likely radically increase the efficiency of your organization

Software and Workflows

With a clear understanding of your processes, we are able to make your apps talk to each other, to help you get work done faster. Also, with our years of experience, we enable you get the absolute best out of every single software you spend money on.

Sometimes, the new functionality you think you need is already available in your existing software. With this insight, some of our clients easily slash their software subscription costs.

We train staff, suggest new processes (such as ERP's, CRM's and more), optimise infrastructure and ensure that you leverage today's technology as much as possible.

IT Optimization - IT Outsourcing - Software and Workflows
IT Optimization - IT Outsourcing - Virtual CIO Services

Consult with a Dedicated CIO

Every quarter, we assess the impact of our partnership. We discuss past performance and evaluate our technology reports. Similarly, we plan for the future and discuss alignment practices.

We essentially function as an integral part of your team from the outside, providing you with the insight of our decades of IT expertise in your industry, at a fraction of the cost of internal staffing.

Automating processes

A lot of time can be saved by making sure different tools communicate with each other. Automation has an immediate impact on your business' output.

We have the skillset and staffing to custom-create low-code applications that carry out your repeat, mind-numbing tasks for you. This gives you the freedom and time to focus on the needle-moving tasks, while AI does the repetitive tasks for you.

IT Optimization - IT Outsourcing - Microsoft 365
IT Optimization - IT Outsourcing - Automating Process

Microsoft 365

With our expertise in optimising workspaces and Microsoft 365, we help your team radically increase productivity. You get to use the software to the max, cutting the cost of getting additional work apps with repeat functionalities.

We help you cut costs while getting the most result from Microsoft 365, by training your team on best practices for heightened productivity.

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We have all it takes to make your IT environment work like a well-oiled machine, with seamless workflows and practically zero downtime!

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