We make IT a tool to progress your business

We believe that small to mid-sized enterprises deserve the attention to detail and quality of IT solutions that larger corporations get... At Electric IT, we make it possible!

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Managed IT services - About us

Real results from real people


Customer retention

Since we started out in 2019, we have successfully kept every one of our clients 100% satisfied.

75 to 3


We trimmed a client's servers (and IT maintenance budget) by 72% with a virtualisation and cloud-migration strategy



All our IT experts have rich experience in providing IT support to multi-billion £ corporations.


Custom solutions

We never try to shoehorn you into some out-the-box solution, we design IT solutions just for you!

We believe that IT is about results, not jargon...

More than just a necessary evil, we believe that your business' IT budget should do much more than maintain the status quo. IT should enable you to get work done faster, for less, with the same team.

For a long time, growing businesses in Southampton, Fareham, Whiteley, and Winchester have had to make do with mediocre IT support, that yields no significant ROI.

Growing a business with an IT partner that doesn't prioritise your business; is unreachable most of the time; and offers one-size-fits-all IT solutions, can be an extremely frustrating venture.

At Electric IT, we take away the frustrations and boring bits involved - and help you win with tech. With our unusual passion for service and excellence, we're making a difference...

Managed IT services - About us

We prioritise you

Near-instant resolutions

You'd almost never hear this elsewhere. Our goal is to ensure that once you call in with a request, the person on the other end is an engineer that has all the expertise to provide a solution to you on the spot. With 100% customer retention since 2019, it's safe to say we've successfully achieved this thus far.

Fit-to-size IT strategies

Technology should meet YOUR specific needs. With that in mind, we steer clear of out-the-box IT strategies and solutions that don't yield any real results. We ensure that our solutions are built around your day-to-day needs, while planning ahead for your short and long-term goals.

Managed IT services - About us
“Rather than charging high prices to make a quick buck, We're after long-lasting relationships”
What started as a passion project, has quickly become a key player in the growth of small to medium-sized enterprises in Southampton, Fareham, Whiteley, Winchester, and the surrounding areas

Electric IT was formed in 2019, out of a need to make state-of-the-art IT services, and support available to growing businesses.

Ever since we started out, our clients have stuck with us. Other than this being a sign that we're doing something right, it's a testament to our ability consistently meet our customers' needs.

Highly Recommended

We very much enjoy working with Electric IT. They are quick and efficient which is what you need from an IT company. We use them for a number of different things and their knowledge is good and they are very helpful.

Carolyn Spinks
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