January 18, 2023

What are the Benefits of using an MSP?

In an ever-growing, modern world – many businesses are turning to service providers to provide them with invaluable technology offerings to better their own business. On average, 62% of small to medium sized businesses lack in-house skills to be able to handle IT and cybersecurity-related questions or issues, which is why MSPs are usually the better, and cheaper answer. In today's article, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of using an MSP such as ourselves, and why you should consider using one.

What is an MSP?

An MSP, short for a managed service provider, is typically a company that provides X-as-a-service for its customers. For example, IT Infrastructure management, cybersecurity hardening or response, technical support and much more – as a service.

MSPs hire skilled staff who are somewhat specialized in their areas, to provide you as the customer with a fast, and reliable service without you having to pay the price of a full-time member of staff, through a service.

What are the Benefits of Using an MSP?

Using an MSP for your business, no matter your industry is likely something you will look to instead of paying for someone full-time. With the advancement of technologies, keeping up is no easy feat. Using an MSP takes that pressure off your shoulders, and allows you to focus on what matters most. Whilst this is one of the benefits, the list is almost endless, and below is just a handful of key perks you’ll find when using an MSP.

Allows you to Focus on what Matters Most

Using an MSP allows you to take your hands off all the IT, cybersecurity, and infrastructure issues or tasks you may normally have to deal with. Using an MSP, they should manage this for you, and let you focus on your customers and running your business.

Direct Access to True Experts

Anyone can use Google to identify issues with technology, but sometimes you need answers fast. Having access to true professionals who have studied in their field for years will provide invaluable information in just moments, to keep you re-assured and running no matter what.

Avoid Downtime

Depending on your service, MSPs are usually key to avoiding downtime in your business. If you have business critical systems like laptops, checkout tills, and other devices that you need to be running – let an MSP ensure they’re up so you don’t ever have to worry about it.

Much more Cost Efficient

The average salary for just one Level 2 Support Desk role (typically 5+ years of experience) is £25,000. Most service providers will only charge you a fifth of this if you’re a small company, but this is obviously depending on your size as an organization and what infrastructure you own. This cost efficiency is also multiplied, as most MSPs have multiple staff with different skill sets meaning you’re saving yourself a lot of money in the long run – plus, they can scale with you in most cases.

Are there any downsides to an MSP?

Whilst MSPs are typically the way to go for most SMBs around the UK, and worldwide – there are some downsides, albeit some areas that you may not like. For example;

SMBs may be working on other projects and so can’t allocate immediately.

Although most MSPs, such as ourselves are capable of running several major projects at once with no delays or interference, some small MSPs may find themselves in tight situations where multiple companies are needing assistance, and the MSP becomes the bottleneck.

An MSP is a service, not another staff member.

Whilst it’s good to have communication with your MSP, a lot of business owners forget that they are part of another company, and although trusted – can't be treated the same way. Everyone, regardless, should be treated respectfully, and as a business owner you are a customer of theirs – but they’re only capable of doing what was initially agreed – unless they like to go the extra mile like ourselves!

What should I look for in an MSP?

When searching for an MSP, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you’re dealing with the right people who want to help you flourish with modern technology. Keep an eye out for;

  • Happy, Friendly, and Confident Contacts – People who are happy, friendly and come across as super confident can be an easy to spot a good service provider who wants to treat you right.
  • Enthused with Knowledge – If you don’t know much about IT, then picking a service provider that had a great deal of technical know-how is crucial. If you have a friend, or colleague who has some idea of technology, ask them to sit-in on calls and see if the knowledge checks out.
  • Enthused with Knowledge – If you don’t know much about IT, then picking a service provider that had a great deal of technical know-how is crucial. If you have a friend, or colleague who has some idea of technology, ask them to sit-in on calls and see if the knowledge checks out.
  • Cost Efficient - Don’t be afraid to shop around, MSPs are usually priced very similarly, but ask for a quote on some hardware and see how it stacks up against MSSRP, and other vendors to see their markup.
  • Reputation – MSPs are typically rated high by customers if they perform well, and having great reviews is what you should be looking for. If there aren’t many reviews to go off, try to find any negative reviews as this could highlight the downsides of a specific MSP.

When looking for an MSP, you should always choose knowledge and quality over everything else. Low-cost MSPs are usually a risk, but Electric IT MSP service offerings are built for you. We strive for the best quality of service, with a passionate and knowledgeable team who are on standby for whenever you need us – we'd love to help you grow with the power of technology. Get in contact with us today, and let us know your requirements and we would be happy to help.

Final Notes

An MSP comes with many benefits including speed, efficiency and expertise, and although they’re not exactly part of your main staff team, the MSP staff will always be there as if they were. Ensuring you find a good MSP to provide you with top-notch services without the hefty markup can be tough, but look no further than Electric IT and one of our many plans that can be tailored for your needs. Be sure to get in touch and get the ball rolling.